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Ludovic Fairier - Alu Inov
Ludovic Fairier
Today Alu Inov keeps
the spirit of innovation
and proximity
with its customers.

Alu Inov


By establishing his workshop in the heart of the Bressuirais Bocage, Ludovic FAIRIER made the bet to bring together the traditional values of the craft industry and the performances of the contemporary industrial methods.


« One of our main strength is our adaptability. We provide tailor made solutions to each request, to each specific project brought by our customers. We also innovate constantly by conceiving and implementing "functions which will be your tomorrow requirements. »


The first challenge was to appeal experienced companions and to earn suppliers, service providers and customers’ trust. The founder already had a serious working experience and his project was definitely reliable. Innovation ability was a major feature: Imagination, researches, patents, prototypes, tests... were to become the key words representing the positioning adopted by this new player on the market of aluminium fittings. The first goal was successfully reached.
Now success is not complete if standards are not maintained. So the new challenge is to be constantly aware of the real customer’s needs. Out of respect for people who trust him and also out of passion for his work, he keeps improving his products, he keeps refining the least detail as even the final customer will not notice, he stands out of the competition by keeping doing better, quicker, stronger. Imagination (to innovate) and concern of the finest detail (for customer’s satisfaction) are virtues shared by all the members in the company.
The specialized retailers’ network is continuously growing and their daily testimonies confirm both their enthusiasm to present and to install Alu Inov products.


What do they say? They are reliable and lasting doors... pleasant...... easy to install... adapted to most architectural constraints... comfortable for the customers... and, eventually, a good value for money... !


Today Alu Inov keeps the spirit of innovation and proximity with its customers. Nevertheless the commercial success requires a constant adaptation of the equipment and the in-house resources.
Therefore offices and workshops are still and always under construction. The showroom is more and more attractive, and regularly grows rich with additional innovations. The whole team is motivated and committed to satisfy the most demanding orders, as soon as possible.


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